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Wellness Plans

If you read my articles you know the value I put on regular examinations not only to prevent disease but to also catch diseases as early as possible. The challenge in veterinary medicine in this economy is getting pet owners to bring their pets in for preventative care or in the early stage of disease. The recent trend is people bringing their pets to the vet after the pet has been sick for a few days, hoping their pet would get better on its own. Waiting can make the disease more difficult to treat. Another trend is using one of the many low-cost vaccine options available, often these options do not offer the complete veterinary care necessary to monitor a pet’s overall health.

Recently there has been a lot of talk in the veterinary community to develop a program to encourage pet owners to bring their pets to the vet more frequently by offering programs that offer a convenient and affordable way for pet owners to provide their pets with preventative care on a regular basis. These “Wellness Plans” include complete preventative care for pets of different ages at a discounted fee with monthly payment options. Because of my passion for preventative care and early detection of disease, I wanted to develop plans to offer my clients. I’m excited to say that Wilderness Animal Hospital now has a full range of Wellness Plans available for every life stage.

Wellness Plans are developed to be a comprehensive guide of a pet’s health, including necessary services for annual wellness and proactive care to try to not just treat illness, but try to eliminate problems before they happen. We have always offered puppy and kitten packages, but now we also have the options for spaying and neutering to be included in the package. For adult pets, we have five levels of care, each building on the previous level. The Primary level includes an expanded comprehensive exam, with a thorough exam of all body systems and a 5-page report sent home with any wellness recommendations specific to the pet. Evaluation of each pet’s lifestyle and updating vaccines in accordance with the most current recommendations are also part of the Primary plan. The Basic level also includes wellness blood testing and blood pressure assessment. The Basic Plus level includes routine dental cleaning prophylaxis. The last two packages are for senior pets with a more thorough blood test analysis and the option of x-rays.

Each Wellness Plan is priced at a significant discount to normal pricing. In addition, Wellness Plan members are given the option of making low monthly payments or a further discounted one-time payment. An additional benefit is pets that have a Wellness Plan are eligible for unlimited complimentary exams. This is my favorite part of the plan because I hope this removes the barrier many people have to bring their pet in for exams and give us the chance to treat disease in earlier stages. And even better, adult Wellness Plan members receive additional discounts on services performed that are not included in the plan.

All in all, I think this is a great way to make the comprehensive care more convenient and affordable. My hope is that the Wellness Plans will help us prevent disease, detect problems before expensive treatment is needed and make it easier for a pet owner to schedule checkups and procedures when needed, instead of having to wait.

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